In 1978, FUYUNG CARBON CO., LTD. and the Japanese factory jointly invested in technical cooperation and established a factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications obtained in 1997 and 2007.

In 2003, Xiamen FUYUNG Electric Carbon Co., Ltd. was established in Xiamen, China.

Our R&D center for carbon brush products is located in Japan. With continuous innovation of technology and materials, we have become one of the largest carbon brush suppliers in the world for two, four wheels and various consumer electronics OEMs.


Products The main products are carbon products, such as carbon brushes and brush holder assemblies for four-wheel auto, two-wheel motorcycle, micro motors, home appliances, electrical contacts, health care, power tools and so on. FUYUNG supports more than 200 OEM factories and provides improvement of carbon brush solutions for automobiles, motorcycles and consumer electronics. The quality of the product has earned recognition from the customers.
Operation Since 1978
Employees 100
Chairman of the board  YOSHIHITO ITO
Vice Chairman  TSAI, YEN-PO
General manager  CHIEN, KAO-I
Office Taiwan Plant No.5, Dingning Rd., Jhongli Dist., Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Xiamen Plant No.809, Fangshan East 2 Road,Xiban Community, Maxiang Town, Xiang`an District, Xiamen, China
Shenzhen Liaison Office Shenzhen Liaison Office
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Johnson Electric
Johnson Health Tech
Mitsubishi Electric
Mobiletron Co.,Ltd.
Universal Scientific Industrial(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
Varroc Engg. Ltd., Vepl III.


Dec. 1978 FUYUNG CARBON CO., LTD. established in Taiwan
Apr. 1994 Starting business with Panasonic to sell carbon brushes for home appliances.
Dec. 1999 ISO 9001 certification was obtained.
Dec. 2003 Xiamen FUYUNG Electric Carbon Co., Ltd. was established in Xiamen.
Dec. 2005 Shenzhen established a liaison office.
Feb. 2007 ISO 14001 certification was obtained.
Jul. 2007 Selling automotive graphite commutator/fuel pump carbon brushes.
Dec. 2008 Success in Indian OE market for two wheeler and four wheeler carbon brushes.
Nov. 2011 Starting business with Mitsubishi Electric to sell carbon brushes for starter motors.
Jan. 2013 Selling bilayer carbon brushes for 2/4-wheel vehicles.
Jan. 2017 Output exceeded 300 million carbon brushes.
Nov. 2019 Developing products which relate to energy vehicles.